Opalescence PF 15% Peroxide Teeth Gel

Many Ultradent Opalescence products are ADA (American Dental Association) accepted to be safe for teeth bleaching. The Opalescence PF 15% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Bleaching Gel is meant for at home DIY tooth whitening usage and in packed in syringes for easy, non messy application onto the teeth trays. Like many other dental products, the active ingredient in the Opalescence gel series is carbamide peroxide which is recognized by the FDA as an oral antiseptic and safe bleaching agent. However, the patented Opalescence gel is more sticky and adhesive compared to other similar products on the market in order to avoid being washed off the teeth surface and reduce the bleaching reaction. The teeth gel is also less likely to leave the teeth tray thanks to its sticky nature. This simple advantage allows whiter teeth to be seen faster compared to other types of teeth gels.

Because of its unique properties, the Opalescence whitening gel is recommended for use with specially designed teeth trays that are customized for each patient at the dental whitening clinic. Although you can try to use generic teeth trays, you will get less whitening benefits. The Opalescence teeth tray has unique scalloped reservoirs designed to minimize contact with the soft gum tissues. The tray and its contained peroxide bleaching gel are designed to touch only the teeth surface and not the gums in order to minimize bruising and gum sensitivity aches.

Any teeth bleaching gels with higher than 20% carbamide peroxide should not be worn overnight or you risk severe teeth sensitivity pains. In fact, you should only use them on your teeth for up to a maximum of 1 hour per day. All Opalescence gels are not meant to be used overnight because of their higher potency content compared to other brands. So make sure you read the product instructions carefully and do not mix up their usage. If the recommended treatment time is 30 to 60 minute per daily session, try to hit as long as 60 minutes unless you feel pain or discomfort that makes you wanna quit. If you cannot put on the gel for at least 30 minutes, try buying another product with lower carbamide peroxide content. It is not just the amount of peroxide that determines how well your teeth whitening experience goes, the amount of time the peroxide gel stays on your teeth surface can be just as or even more important. Milder formulations such as the Opalescence 10% PF gel can be worn and tolerated for longer periods of time by patients with sensitive gums and teeth. If you happen to be one of these, http://dentistwhitening.blogspot.com advises that gentle, slow and safe teeth whitening treatments are the right way to go.

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