Cheap DIY And Dentist Teeth Whitening Guide

There are many non prescription teeth whitening solutions available on the market today. These include easily bought and very affordable over-the counter teeth gel and trays, whitening strips, bleaching toothpastes etc. The above teeth whitening products listed at are ideal for people who have healthy teeth and gums but have being yellowed due to smoking, eating and drinking habits. If you have off white teeth caused by intrinsic factors, you may be disappointed with the results these off the shelf whitening treatments can yield. Anyway, just read on for the moment as we go through the various types of products in this post and learn more about the various differences between (do-it-yourself) DIY teeth whitening treatments guide and professional treatments at the dentist.

Before that, we need to remind you of the common side effects that can occur among people who are undergoing teeth bleaching. Many people experience tooth sensitivity and mild irritation of the gums during the early stages of the bleaching treatment, often right away the first day. This should be temporary and will disappear within 1 to 3 days after you stopped the whitening treatment.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Gels
Whitening teeth gels are applied directly to the surface of your yellowish teeth using with a tiny brush or pen. It is an important component in nearly all types of teeth whitening treatments. Expensive laser whitening treatments involve the use of teeth gels and the affordable $10 crest whitestrips contain them as well. If you are wondering how the gel is supposed to stick to your teeth since the mouth is always wet, yes it is not supposed to work by itself alone. You either wear a teeth tray or strip over the gel in order to shield it from your saliva. For at home teeth treatments without any laser equipment, you need at least an hour for the carbide peroxide teeth whitening gel to start injecting oxygen into your teeth dentin. The amount of active bleaching ingredient hydrogen peroxide and carbide peroxide contained in the different brands of tooth gel directly affects the duration of the tooth whitening treatment as well as the amount of shade improvements you can achieve. Over the counter products and mild formulations with less than 10% peroxide-based gels generally require at least 14 to 21 days to see any visible results.

Cheap Whitestrips
These costs around $10 to $50 depending on the strength formulation of the hydrogen peroxide. They are about the cheapest teeth bleaching product you can try on your own. Crest whitening strips looked like very thin pieces of tape that you stick over your front teeth area - the part where you show while smiling. As mentioned, the strips only serve to apply the peroxide bleaching gel onto the teeth surface and prevent saliva from diluting the teeth gel. How fast and how much whitening can be achieved depends on the tooth gel again. Generally, it is not as fast as you would like and you really need 3 weeks of patience. White teeth can be sustained for about 4 months as long as you do not smoke, drink coffee and sour acidic stuff frequently.

Customized Teeth Trays
Whitestrips are only used for the front teeth areas shown during a smile. If you have a really wide smile, using Crest whitestrips will only reveal an obviously uneven smile - some parts white while the canines and premolars are yellowish. If you want to whitening all your teeth including the molars and wisdom tooth as well, try teeth trays which can be used to apply bleaching teeth gel to your entire teeth surface. It is a plastic mould that fits over your upper and lower set of teeth to avoid saliva from touching and washing away the applied teeth gel. You can buy some cheap generic teeth trays from the pharmacies or large departmental stores for less than $20. These may or may not fit well over your teeth structure. If you have some teeth irregularities, they may not even be worn properly over your teeth at all. Do not try to force the teeth tray over or you risk bruising the delicate gum tissues and lead to further irritation and sensitivity aches when the bleaching agent seeps into the gum tissues. In that case, you can order a set of customized teeth trays from your dentist costing around $150. With cheaper semi individualized smileplace non prescription teeth trays, you can also allow the teeth gel more time to deeply bleach and clean the external stains off your teeth.

Dangerous Whitening Toothpastes
These toothpastes help remove stains from the teeth surface with some mild abrasive content. Many dentist warn against frequent use of such abrasive toothpastes because they can remove too much of the teeth enamel protective layer along with the yellow stains. When that happens, the tooth dentin material is easily damaged. You get yellowed teeth and cavities more easily and faster compared to the time before you abused such whitening toothpastes. Anyway, these toothpastes tend not to contain any bleaching peroxide, hence their whitening effects are very limited and not worth the risk or trouble to harm your tooth enamel.

Since there are so many teeth whitening products available on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets, it can get really confusing for a first time customer to choose a suitable DIY whitening product. Try to ask around for the opinions and feedbacks of friends and colleagues that have already tried some of these brands. You can try searching for reviews online, but it is easier to look at the teeth of people around you to get confidence about the product you are going to pay for.

In-Office/Dentist Teeth Whitening
In-office teeth whitening by a qualified dentist is definitely the quickest and safe teeth whitening treatments to improve your teeth color and smile. The most well known procedures include Zoom, Britesmile, Fabulous Smile, etc and other laser based teeth whitening solutions. Although teeth gel is also used in these dentist whitening treatments, this gel often contain much higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, around 30%. A special medical laser light is shone on the teeth gel in order to quicken the bleaching process. Results can be and are indeed often seen after a single 60 minute session. Yes, you do get what you paid for, and that is around $100 per treatment. If you cannot wait, make sure your wallet can pay. Most people said that it is well worth the money and time saved on the slower teeth treatments. Most people pay around $500 to $1,000 for the entire dentist teeth whitening treatment.

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